The Penn State College of Medicine Nittany Lion statue is seen surrounded by plants in the central courtyard of the College in June 2016.

Strategic Plan

Aligned for Institutional Success

The Penn State College of Medicine strategic plan includes missions, values, a vision statement and initiatives consistent with Penn State’s Commitment to Impact strategic plan, with particular emphasis on the thematic priority of Enhancing Health.

The College of Medicine focuses on the biomedical and health professions education and research missions, while engaging collaboratively with Penn State Health to advance human health through the clinical care and community health missions. A cross-cutting theme across all missions is that of diversity and inclusion.

About the Plan

The Penn State College of Medicine strategy is a component of the overall Penn State strategy expressed in the 2016 to 2020 Commitment to Impact plan. The University includes Enhancing Health as one of five thematic priorities, and the College of Medicine, accompanied by the clinical enterprise of Penn State Health, is poised to achieve the objectives of “enhancing personalized and population health, achieved through a commitment to and investment in relevant research, education, clinical practice, and outreach.”

The College of Medicine strategic plan identifies the aligned research and education commitments, investments and strategies that will support reaching the goals of the Commitment to Impact plan.

The College of Medicine strategy builds on the current state of the education, biomedical and health sciences research, and community health missions at the institution, and seeks to leverage the existing academic and clinical strengths in the effort to “enhance health.”

Strategic Goals

The College of Medicine's strategic plan comprises four key goals.

Biomedical and Health Professions Education Strategic Goal

The biomedical and health professions education strategic goal is to enhance health by preparing the next generation of clinicians, educators and scientists to be the leaders and change agents of 21st-century medicine and research.

Biomedical and Health Research Strategic Goal

The biomedical and health research strategic goal is to enhance health through biomedical research and innovation by expanding new and current externally funded scientific discovery and innovation that leverage the clinical strengths of Penn State Health and the research strengths of Penn State and the College of Medicine.

Clinical Strategic Goal

Penn State Health’s clinical strategic goal is to create a community health network, anchored by the tertiary/quaternary care resources of our academic medical center, Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, that will provide expanded access to safe, high-quality healthcare and support the advancement of education and research programs at Penn State College of Medicine.

Community Health Strategic Goal

The community health strategic goal is to collaborate with learners, community partners, and employees to create innovative programs and services to maximize physical, mental and social well-being in the five-county region.