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Frequently Asked Questions

As an academic University, we are all held to the utmost standard in not using someone’s work without permission. One question Penn State College of Medicine Marketing and Communications receives often is if a graphic, song, etc., can be used for a student event, research study, etc. To help explain what is allowed and not allowed under the Copyright Law, here’s some guidance:

  • The simplest definition of copyright is a property right given to authors, artists, composers and other creators to control other’s use of their original work.
  • Under the U.S. Copyright Act, as soon as a creator sets a work down in a tangible medium like a drawing on paper, recording, video on tape or works on a website, the creator has the exclusive right to control and be protected from unauthorized reproduction of the work.
  • If you receive written approval to use the work, then it is acceptable to use. If you can’t receive written approval, please do not use the work as it is protected.
  • Use public domain works made prior to 1928. This counts as fair use and the time restriction has passed so it is no longer protected.
  • View Copyright guidance from Penn State

Patient Privacy and HIPAA

Patients who will be interviewed, filmed or photographed within a Penn State Health or Penn State College of Medicine facility must sign a release form, available for download here (Infonet document; Penn State Health ePass login required). A release form is also needed whenever a member of the Penn State College of Medicine faculty or staff will be discussing a particular patient or former patient with a member of the media, whether or not the patient is currently at a Penn State Health or Penn State College of Medicine facility.

Media Representatives on Campus

Media representatives must be accompanied by a member of the Penn State College of Medicine Marketing and Communications team at all times while in the College of Medicine. If in the hospital or outpatient practices, a member of Penn State Health’s Marketing and Communications team must be involved. Please reach out to our office in advance and our office will help manage the media to ensure all policies are being followed appropriately.

For Individual Portrait Photos or Headshots

Every Tuesday and Friday from 2 to 4 p.m. (by appointment), a photographer is on-site to take headshots. Please use the photo request form (Workfront access required) to book a headshot appointment. Please include the following information with your request:

  • Name of Person Being Photographed
  • Department and Office of Person Being Photographed
  • Preferred time and a backup time (in case of schedule conflict).
  • What email should receive the headshot

Location: Photography Studio – CG618 (ground floor of the College of Medicine)

Print Shop

An internal team of professional, skilled, knowledgeable and customer friendly staff are available in the Print Shop to serve all your printing needs.

Printing Services is required to adhere to copyright laws in regards to the materials sent to use for reproduction. It is the responsibility of the person or persons authoring the material(s) to be reproduced to ensure that written permission is obtained for any copyrights used on their materials.

Digital Store Front

The Digital Store Front is available for all of your Corporate Identity business card, stationary, envelopes and other templates. These can be done using the Digital Store Front tool.

Download instructions on how to use the Digital Store Front. (Infonet document; Penn State Health ePass login required).