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Diversity, Equity and Belonging

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DEB Working Groups Intro

Working Groups

The Penn State College of Medicine Office of Diversity, Equity & Belonging (DEB) manages workgroups made of diverse people (employees and learners) to work on specific aspects of DEB and bring unique perspectives and experiences to the table.

We invite faculty, staff and learners to join one of 10 workgroups. The groups will identify feasible strategies with actionable and measurable objectives. 

Accountability & Expectations

  • Volunteer for a one-year renewable term
  • Participate in a monthly one-hour meeting (attending 85%)
  • Contribute to and drive the work of the group​
  • Generate ideas and identify ways to incorporate DEB into all we do
  • Actively and constructively participate in a consensus decision making process
  • Produce outcome-oriented recommendations that align with strategic goals and priorities to fuel positive change
  • Ensure tracking and documentation of efforts

DEB Working Groups Innovation Pathway Programs


Envision approaches to DEB without boundaries, including the adoption of new fields such as artificial intelligence.

Pathway Programs

Collaborate with internal and external partners to enhance and expand pathway programs.

DEB Working Groups Staff Recruitment Faculty Recruitment

Staff Recruitment

Collaborate with HR on identifying talent and recruitment strategies.

Faculty Recruitment

Collaborate with HR on identifying talent and recruitment strategies.

DEB Working Groups Retention Faculty and Staff


Work on strategies related to onboarding processes, climate and culture.

Faculty and Staff

Collaborate with the Office of Faculty Affairs and Human Resources to identify/develop mentorship opportunities for junior to mid-career faculty. 

DEB Working Groups Student Mentorship Scholarships

Student Mentorship

Collaborate with the Office of Medical Education and Graduate Programs to identify/develop mentorship opportunities for learners from all academic programs (MD, PA, Graduate-level).


Collaborate with the Development Office to identify and pursue scholarship opportunities.

DEB Working Groups Marketing and Communication Funding and Resources

Marketing and Communication

Collaborate with marketing/communication team and other workgroups to identify and provide input on opportunities to improve DEB marketing and communication.

Funding and Resources

Identify and pursue funding opportunities in collaboration with Development Office, Office of Research, DEB Champions, and other Workgroups.