Postdoctoral Training

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Daisy Colon Lopez, a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Penn State University is seen in a departmental lab. She is framed by test tubes and other laboratory equipment and is holding something not visible in the photo in her right hand.

Postdoctoral Training

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Training Postdoctoral Scholars & Fellows

The postdoctoral program at Penn State College of Medicine is designed to support the training and education of postdoctoral scholars and fellows, to promote postdoctoral research accomplishments across the University, and to foster a sense of community among our scholars.

Our Office of Postdoctoral Affairs helps meet all these goals through a variety of resources, workshops and programs.

Why Penn State College of Medicine?

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Major Research University

Located in Hershey, part of a thriving metropolitan area in central Pennsylvania, Penn State College of Medicine is a major research university dedicated to advancing medical and scientific knowledge.

Research is a key component of our mission, and we focus on four core areas: basic science, translation, clinical and wellness research.

The Clinical & Translational Science Institute and the Institute for Personalized Medicine work to accelerate scientific discoveries to treat disease.

Read more about research at Penn State College of Medicine.

Range of Scientific Disciplines

Postdoctoral scholars in Microbiology & Immunology, Pharmacology, Cellular & Molecular Physiology, and other medical sciences choose the College of Medicine to continue their educational and professional training.

The Hershey campus is a part of Penn State, which has 450 postdoctoral scholars and fellows university-wide.

Approximately 70 postdoctoral scholars and fellows do their work at the Hershey campus.

Read more about the departments at the College of Medicine.

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Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

The goals of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs are to:

  • Serve as a central resource of information for postdoctoral fellows and scholars
  • Serve as a source of advocacy for postdoctoral issues and advance institutional initiatives concerning postdocs
  • Develop and administer institutional policies for postdoctoral fellows and scholars
  • Provide professional development and informational programs targeted to postdocs
  • Provide resources for faculty engaged in postdoctoral training
  • Be a national model for professional development of postdoctoral trainees

How We Support Postdocs

At the College of Medicine, you’ll have access to a range of resources to help make your experience as a postdoctoral scholar or fellow successful and rewarding.

Career development workshops, English language training, and social events are held throughout the year.

Our annual Data & Dine event offers postdoctoral scholars and fellows the opportunity to showcase their research and interact with faculty in a social setting.

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Apply for a Postdoc

To search for postdoctoral positions available at Penn State College of Medicine:

  • View open postdoctoral positions at the College of Medicine on the Penn State jobs website.
  • Click on a job posting title to view more or to apply using the Apply button.

Applicants will be prompted to log in or to create a Workday account to apply for positions. Current Penn State employees or students should apply through their existing university Workday account.

Learn more about applying for postdoctoral positions.

Search our faculty directory to learn more about the work of potential mentors.

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Join the Postdoctoral Society

The Penn State College of Medicine Postdoctoral Society works with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs to represent the interests of postdoctoral scholars and fellows.

We’re always looking for new and motivated members to join us.

Our goal is to make our experience more enjoyable and to represent our population.

Learn more about participating in the Postdoctoral Society.