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Marketing Strategy

The best marketing is done with a strategy, and we do our best work when we are involved in a project discussion in the early stages. The marketing team focuses on both short- and long-term objectives and achieving goals that put Penn State College of Medicine front and center. Market segmentation, audience research and integrated planning all come together through strategists who focus on uncompromising forward thinking and sharing efficient, effective and measurable strategies that drive the goals of the college.

Our team is focused on marketing and communications that will help increase the reputation of the College of Medicine. Are you doing work that cares for the community through wellness? Working on forward-thinking research? Demonstrating your commitment to future Penn Staters? We’d love to know.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tool our team uses to help you reach your target audience. Whether you are trying to recruit patients for your research study or connect with physicians to promote your research publication, our team can assist with best practices and tools to help you reach your target audience.

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Research Recruitment

Understanding how to best reach your intended study population and effectively communicate to those individuals about your research are important first steps in recruitment and retention efforts. Refer to the Research Recruitment Toolkit to access a variety of resources available to assist study teams with these efforts. It is strongly encouraged that research teams work closely with our marketing and communications team when developing recruitment and retention materials. Due to the connection that the COM has with Penn State Health, researchers at COM have access to rich patient data sources but this comes with added restrictions. Please take note of the COM-specific resources and guidelines within this Toolkit.

Key Resources in the Toolkit:

If you need assistance with recruitment of participants to your study, please use the new project request form (Workfront access required).

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Paid Media

Due to the number of paid media campaigns in the market, including our college, Penn State Health and others, we require any paid media to be managed by our team. This includes all paid media, including social media, newspaper advertising, radio advertising, billboard advertising, transit advertising, etc. Our team will work with you and your budget to recommend the best paid media strategy to meet your needs. Please fill out the following Workfront request form if you have a paid media need.

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