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A close-up image of laboratory equipment depicts test tubes, boxes and bottles on the shelf in a Penn State College of Medicine laboratory in summer 2016. Test tubes and one bottle are visible at left in focus, with other bottles out-of-focus to the right.

Biomedical Sciences Research

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Leading the Way in Basic, Translational and Public Health Research

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One of the founding missions of Penn State College of Medicine is to improve lives through research.

Every day in our labs, our classrooms and our clinical settings, people with a passion to better understand, prevent, diagnose, treat and cure human diseases are contributing to the future of health.

They ask questions; they test their assumptions. They try, they fail, and they try again.

They continually strive for answers.

College of Medicine faculty and staff secured a record $78 million in National Institutes of Health funding for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. Those dollars recognize the promise we hold to make scientific contributions that matter.

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Questions about biomedical sciences research at Penn State College of Medicine can be directed to Sheila Vrana, PhD, Associate Dean for Research.

Email Call 717-531-8495 See all departmental research

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