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Succeed Commercially with Technology Development

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Penn State College of Medicine is focused on fostering innovative research leading to new products and services to benefit society; building strong industry partnerships between our faculty and the business community; providing educational programming focused on entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialization; and contributing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and economic development of the region.

The Center for Medical Innovation helps the College position itself as a nationally recognized academic medical center for commercialization and translational research.

The strategic goal of the Center for Medical Innovation is to make it easy to do business with Penn State College of Medicine and Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, and to move innovative technologies through the commercialization pipeline to industry, where they will make a positive economic impact in Pennsylvania.

CMI Role

The Center for Medical Innovation is responsible for the following:

  • Serving as an efficient and effective conduit for the transfer of promising Penn State College of Medicine technologies to industry.
  • Contributing to regional economic development by engaging the innovation ecosystem stakeholders and supporting new venture creation.
  • Encouraging greater collaboration between academia and industry.

For Innovators

Regardless of your level of experience or interest in technology commercialization, working with the Center for Medical Innovation will enable you to achieve commercial success while maintaining your clinical, teaching, publishing and academic goals.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem at Penn State College of Medicine is where research and ideas converge with industry to bring your innovations from the bench to the bedside. Clinicians, faculty, staff, postdocs and students are building a better future by moving their groundbreaking innovations down the path of technology commercialization and into the lives of patients around the world.

About the Commercialization Process

The Center for Medical Innovation offers a number of resources, programs and services that educate and provide assistance to faculty members in identifying and implementing the best strategies for moving their discoveries beyond the lab and into the commercial arena.

The path to technology commercialization is unique to each innovator, but sometimes includes steps such as patents, licensing, start-up creation.

Funding Opportunities

In addition to assisting with the administrative and legal resources to help bring technology to the marketplace, the Center for Medical Innovation offers a variety of programs that provide monetary resources to support the same goals.

Three women attending a Summer 2016 Innovation Cafe event on female entrepreneurs in medicine are pictured talking with each other. The two women at left are holding plastic cups while looking at the woman at right, who is speaking and gesturing with her hands. Other attendees at the event are pictured out-of-focus in the background in a wide doorway, framed by a tree and the open doors.
The Innovation Café events organized by the Center for Medical Innovation at Penn State College of Medicine provide networking opportunities in entrepreneurship around central Pennsylvania.

Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program

Being an entrepreneur means having to wear a number of hats and facing many often-unfamiliar challenges during the early critical phase of your company. Typically, most early stage spin-out companies cannot afford a full-time executive member of the leadership team. For this reason, the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program was created to provide support to investigators at Penn State College of Medicine.

The entrepreneurs in the EIR program provide these invaluable resources to College researchers:

  • Serve as mentors and coaches through the commercialization process.
  • Meet with investigators one-on-one to help them think through their ideas and guide them along in the process of company formation where appropriate.
  • Direct start-up companies to the resources needed to get going and assist in finding management to lead them moving forward.
  • Become a member of the management team.

Programs for the Public

In addition to supporting investigators at Penn State College of Medicine, the Center for Medical Innovation also works to better the entrepreneurial community of central Pennsylvania as a whole.

The Office does so through programs such as the Innovation Café, a regional event focused on expanding and sustaining the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central Pennsylvania. This reoccurring networking forum features high-profile guest speakers discussing industry innovations, business trends, regulations and the impact on the life sciences and healthcare community.

Contact the Center for Medical Innovation

External investigators, potential industry partners and others interested in the Penn State College of Medicine technology development and commercialization process are encouraged to contact the Center for Medical Innovation at or 717-531-8496.

What's New in Medical Innovation

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The logo of the Penn State College of Medicine Research Concierge Service is a set of scientific icons, such as microscopes, gears, beakers, telescopes and other shapes, set on colored circles of orange, green, blue, pink and yellow. The entire set of circles is connected by black lines and forms the shape of a light bulb, with a black light bulb base below.

Research Concierge

Penn State College of Medicine's Research Development office dedicates itself to growing the College of Medicine’s research portfolio by increasing investigator competitiveness for securing external grants. Research Development provides a range of tools, resources, and concierge services to help investigators expand their network, identify funding, and secure extramural grant support. If you have questions about research administration and support at Penn State College of Medicine, or if you have questions about Research Development, contact Jennifer Schaefer, MS, Research Concierge, at