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Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) in the Office of University Development bridges the organizational and academic medical worlds by creating system-wide partnerships.

This team manages the relationships between Penn State Health and Penn State College of Medicine and foundations and corporations. Its goal is to work collaboratively with corporate and foundation partners in research, education, patient care and community outreach.

CFR strives to establish and maintain partnerships with corporate and foundation funders through effective cultivation, solicitation and stewardship. CFR will be able to provide up-to-date information that could affect strategy and timing as well as provide additional information based on funder relationships. This can impact the success of your proposal. In addition, some external funding sources accept only a limited number of submissions from each institution, and there are a number of funders with specific protocols in place.

Work with CFR

Investigators interested in submitting a proposal to a corporation, foundation or organization (non-governmental funder) should contact CFR first using the contact link or by calling 717-531-1536.

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Help at Every Step

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The logo of the Penn State College of Medicine Research Concierge Service is a set of scientific icons, such as microscopes, gears, beakers, telescopes and other shapes, set on colored circles of orange, green, blue, pink and yellow. The entire set of circles is connected by black lines and forms the shape of a light bulb, with a black light bulb base below.

Research Concierge Service

Penn State College of Medicine's Research Concierge Service offers another level of support in the research development process.

The Concierge helps investigators strengthen grant writing skills, form collaborative teams, and develop complex research proposals.

In addition, the Concierge can advise you on resources available to help you through various stages of the grant process or direct you to the appropriate office for your need.