Prepare Research Proposals

Prepare Research Proposals

The Office of Research Affairs at Penn State College of Medicine oversees the proposal submission process and negotiates contractual terms and conditions of awards, all with the goal of promoting, fostering and sustaining excellence in basic and clinical research.

The office also assists researchers and staff with all pre- and post-award activities, including budget and grant development, cost recovery, compliance and institutional reporting.

What's Required to Submit a Proposal?

The Office of Research Affairs reviews, approves and/or submits all grants from Penn State College of Medicine.

Deadlines are firm. Five full business days before the sponsor deadline, final budgets, justifications and many supporting documents are due, as well as a draft of the full application include narrative, bibliography and resources, as well as any other documents listed in the RFA.

Final proposal files in submission-ready format must be submitted at least 24 hours before the sponsor deadline, not counting Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Tools and Systems

Penn State College of Medicine uses SIMS (Strategic Information Management System) as its proposal budgeting tool.

Budgets submitted to the College's Office of Research Affairs must be completed in SIMS.

The Office also uses CAYUSE 424, a web application designed to simplify the creation, review, approval and electronic submission of most federal grant proposals.

In addition, to material in SIMS and CAYUSE, the institution requires an Internal Approval Form (IAF), a required internal document used to provide a summary of pertinent administrative and fiscal information about a proposed sponsored project.

Investigators at Penn State College of Medicine receive pre-award support to create strong grant proposals. A female pre-award specialist is pictured at left, sitting at a round table and speaking with two male investigators, who are at center and right, also sitting at the table. Office equipment is visible in the background. The photo was taken in 2015.
Pre-award specialists at Penn State College of Medicine work with investigators to create strong grant proposals.

The IAF is initiated by the department administrator after the SIMS budget is created.

Detailed tip sheets and forms on SIMS, CAYUSE and the IAF are available to Penn State College of Medicine users on the internal Infonet website.

Contact the Office of Research Affairs

External investigators interested in details on the Penn State College of Medicine grants-management process, including sample tools and forms as well as internally-developed tipsheets, are encouraged to email, or to call 717-531-8495 for grant information or 717-531-4196 for contracts.

Help at Every Step

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The logo of the Penn State College of Medicine Research Concierge Service is a set of scientific icons, such as microscopes, gears, beakers, telescopes and other shapes, set on colored circles of orange, green, blue, pink and yellow. The entire set of circles is connected by black lines and forms the shape of a light bulb, with a black light bulb base below.

Research Concierge Service

Penn State College of Medicine's Research Concierge Service offers another level of support in the research development process.

The Concierge helps investigators strengthen grant writing skills, form collaborative teams, and develop complex research proposals.

In addition, the Concierge can advise you on resources available to help you through various stages of the grant process or direct you to the appropriate office for your need.