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Issue Outgoing Subagreements

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The Office of Research Affairs at Penn State College of Medicine oversees the process of issuing external subawards.

When subawards are issued, the subrecipient's full proposal must be available, and the subrecipient institution must complete all necessary conflict of interest checks and reviews.

Detailed subaward forms are available on the College's Research website.

Contact the Office of Research Affairs

External investigators interested in the Penn State College of Medicine subaward process are encouraged to contact Cynthia Brubaker at or 717-531-2049.

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Help at Every Step

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The logo of the Penn State College of Medicine Research Concierge Service is a set of scientific icons, such as microscopes, gears, beakers, telescopes and other shapes, set on colored circles of orange, green, blue, pink and yellow. The entire set of circles is connected by black lines and forms the shape of a light bulb, with a black light bulb base below.

Research Concierge Service

Penn State College of Medicine's Research Concierge Service offers another level of support in the research development process.

The Concierge helps investigators strengthen grant writing skills, form collaborative teams, and develop complex research proposals.

In addition, the Concierge can advise you on resources available to help you through various stages of the grant process or direct you to the appropriate office for your need.