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Michael Ludwig and Caitlin McMenamin, both students in the Anatomy PhD Program at Penn State College of Medicine, are seen at work in a lab in the Department of Neural & Behavioral Sciences. The two are looking downward and framed at right by clean glassware hanging on a lab wall.

Anatomy PhD

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Anatomy PhD Tuition & Financial Support

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Students admitted to the Anatomy PhD program receive a financial assistance package that includes a stipend and tuition. For the 2024-25 academic year, the stipend is $34,539.

A number of first-year supplemental awards and fellowships are also available on a competitive basis.

The program pays the stipend and tuition for the first four semesters (Fall/Spring/Summer/Fall). Subsequently, the adviser for the dissertation research is responsible for the stipend and tuition. To ensure that students will be able to complete their dissertation research in this laboratory, the departmental chair guarantees this support.

Non-Tuition Costs

Medical insurance is required for all students, with the University paying 80 percent of the cost of medical, dental and vision coverage. See details about student health insurance.

Penn State University dissertation and other fees also apply. See details on the University's graduate school tuition and fees.

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