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Pharmacology at Penn State College of Medicine

The Department of Pharmacology will provide high quality training of the next generation of scientists and physicians and develop new diagnostic tests, medicines and delivery systems.

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The Department of Pharmacology at Penn State College of Medicine is committed to teaching and research in the biomedical sciences. The department occupies 20,000 square of new laboratory space (all built since 2007) in the Hershey Center for Applied Research, Penn State Cancer Institute and Penn State Institute for Personalized Medicine. Research ranges from cell and molecular studies of cancer to biochemical/ pharmacological investigation of nervous system function (neurodegenerative disease, cognition and substance abuse) to whole animal studies of drug development.

Patricia Sue Grigson, MS, PhD, is Chair of the Department of Neural & Behavioral Sciences at Penn State College of Medicine.
Patricia Sue Grigson, MS, PhD, Interim Chair, Pharmacology

Educationally, the department is involved in medical, graduate and allied health instruction and training. Former PhD trainees of the department are currently employed as professors, entrepreneurs, research scientists and administrators throughout the world. Our faculty serve as educational leaders within the university and across the nation. We are assistant deans, course directors, textbook authors and PhD program directors.

This is an exciting time in biomedical research and teaching. Join us for graduate school, for a postdoctoral position, as a faculty member. We are... Penn State Pharmacology.

Patricia Sue Grigson, MS, PhD
Interim Chair, Pharmacology
Penn State College of Medicine

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