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Zebrafish are seen in tanks at the Penn State College of Medicine Zebrafish Functional Genomic Core. Several fish are seen in detail at left in focus, with an out-of-focus background of their tank and neighboring tanks framing them at right.

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Laboratory Anim 5ad al MS Tuition & Financial Aid

Laboratory Animal MS Tuition & Financial Aid

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As p 5ad articipation in the Laboratory Animal MS program is only open to those with graduate veterinarian degrees, all participants are employed as half-time graduate assistants.

Stipends are benchmarked to the NIH Ruth Kirchstein NRSA stipend schedule. For the 2020 fiscal year, the salary for the first year was $52,704.

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If you have questions about the Laboratory Animal Medicine MS program, please contact Mandy Houser, Administrative Support Coordinator, at 717-531-8460 or