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Curriculum Development

Four trainees, two on either side, discuss a poster project shown on a board above a table between them.
Trainees designed and implemented mock Quality Improvement projects for issues identified in weekly QI rounds.


Prateek Grover
Prateek Grover, MD, PhD, MHA

Teaching Quality Improvement to residents and fellows is a top priority of the Health Systems Science Office.

The CQI-DIMER Toolkit was designed by Prateek Grover, MD, PhD, MHA. The toolkit uses the Institute for Healthcare Improvement model; Six-Sigma define, measure, analyze, improve and control; and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality QI measure constructs for experiential QI learning. The goals and methodology focus enabling familiarity with QI concept and terminology, critical analysis of QI literature, QI tool utilization, QI project simulation, and structured QI Project design and performance.

  • Session 1: Introduction to QI toolkit and Project Feasibility (QI Article abstract and groupwork - worksheet)
  • Session 2: Characterize QI issue and Design Project (QI Article abstraction and groupwork - worksheet; QI tool use)
  • Session 3: Implement / Monitor and Evaluate / Refine (Create your own project using worksheets and tools)