Joe Cirilo, a student in the Biomedical Sciences PhD program, is seen at work in a College of Medicine lab in June 2020.

Biomedical Sciences PhD

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Biomedical Sciences PhD Entering Class Profiles

Fall 2019 incoming class

100 percent

have had sustained research experience in a scientific laboratory

Academic Profile

Colleges and universities: 18 (undergraduate) in 11 states and two countries
Average (undergraduate) GPA: 3.58
Advanced degrees: 18 percent have MS or beyond; 50 percent entered immediately after receiving an undergraduate degree
Undergraduate majors: 10


22 incoming students
73 percent female
27 percent male
86 percent U.S. citizens or permanent residents
14 percent non-U.S. citizen

Five-Year Admission Averages (2015 to 2019)

Applications received: 226
Offers of Admission: 55
Incoming Student Enrollment: 20