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Yandong Zhou, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Cellular & Molecular Physiology at Penn State College of Medicine, is pictured looking into a microscopy in a department laboratory in July 2016. Zhou is wearing a lab coat and glasses and is framed by other laboratory equipment.


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Leading Innovation Through Research

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Marcos Kuroki, a Surgery Resident and a participant in Penn State College of Medicine's Physician Scientist Training Program, is seen at work in a College of Medicine lab in late 2018. A computer screen is visible in front of him.

Penn State College of Medicine strives to be a national leader in pursuing basic, clinical, translational and health services research; developing programs to advance medical and scientific knowledge; and promoting the development of physician-scientists.

The ultimate goal is to contribute to the health of the public, the practice of medicine and the education of health professionals.

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Our Foundation in the Research Continuum

Penn State College of Medicine has nationally recognized investigators advancing the understanding of health sciences across a broad continuum of research types:

  • Basic: Investigative research that advances our scientific understanding of issues affecting health
  • Clinical: Medical research directly involving patients that seeks to better understand and manage human illnesses
  • Translational: Research that applies the discoveries made by basic research investigators to studies with patients or to best practices in the practice of medicine
  • Health Services: Research that examines the health care system and access to care, and the effect that care has on patients

Supporting Research at the College of Medicine

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Core Facilities & Research Resources

The College has both fully supported institutional facilities and independently-available departmental labs and equipment that can be used or hired to assist investigators in their research.

Find out more about our Core Facilities & Research Resources.

Our Research

Clinical research and biomedical sciences research are both crucial to the continued advancement of our medical knowledge.

Find out more about clinical research at Penn State College of Medicine.

Find out more about biomedical sciences research at the College.

See our full Research website.

Research Administration & Support

Getting a new project up and running can be trying for even the most experienced investigator. At the College of Medicine, we have expert staff available to help guide you through the process.

Explore the help available to investigators at each stage of a project.

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What's New in Research

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Innovative Initiatives

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Simulation Center

The Clinical Simulation Center at Penn State College of Medicine is focused on research into the most effective uses of simulation to improve patient outcomes while enhancing practitioner skills, clinical competence and teamwork.

Read more about the Simulation Center.

Innovation Café

Innovation Café is a regional event focused on expanding and sustaining the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central Pennsylvania. This reoccurring networking forum features high-profile guest speakers discussing industry innovations, business trends, regulations and the impact on the life sciences and healthcare community.

Read more about Innovation Café.

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Clinical & Translational Science Institute

As a member of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical and Translational Science Award Network (UL1 TR00127), Penn State CTSI provides resources, collaboration opportunities, services, workforce training, education and tools to help translate new research findings into tangible health benefits that improve the lives of those in the Commonwealth and beyond.

Read more about Penn State CTSI.

Institute for Personalized Medicine

Penn State's Institute for Personalized Medicine uses individual characteristics to tailor medical treatments By understanding the genetic differences between people, doctors and investigators can best target their therapies. Penn State's IPM gives scientists the tools to develop research studies seeking this information, and future therapies for patients.

Read more about the Institute for Personalized Medicine.