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Two photos side by side show Dr. Jennifer Maranki in a surgical mask and robe while standing in a procedure room surrounded my medical equipment, and Dr. Prashant Nighot in a white coat while placing liquid into a tube in a research lab.

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The Department of Medicine and its various divisions are making great strides in all key mission areas of patient care, research, education and community service. The department's dedication to constant improvement puts it at the forefront of quality and expertise. Philanthropic support facilitates ongoing progress toward the department’s goals of improved patient care, discovery, training the next generation of clinicians and exemplary service to the community. Thank you for your gift!

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About Medicine endowments

Endowments are invested funds that draw on a portion of the investment to make a difference on an ongoing basis. The Department of Medicine has several endowments that support its educational, research, patient care and outreach missions.