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Ami Greene, a fellow in the Department of Dermatology, looks over skin samples using the Olympus digital imagers in the Mohs lab in October 2020. The back of her head is visible, with her hair in a ponytail, and a microscopic image is seen on a computer  screen next to her.

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Ways to Give to the Department of Dermatology at Penn State College of Medicine

The Department of Dermatology is at the forefront of dermatological treatment and advances. Philanthropic support ensures the continued progress of our interrelated patient care, education, research, and community health missions. Your gift can support our department’s area of greatest need or a specific dermatology endowment. All gifts make a difference. Thank you for your gift and for improving health!

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About Dermatology endowments

Endowments are invested funds that draw on a portion of the investment proceeds to make a difference on an ongoing basis. The Department of Dermatology has several endowments that support its educational, research, care and outreach missions.