Schreyer Honors College MD/PhD Summer Exposure Program

Schreyer Honors College MD/PhD Summer Exposure Program

The Schreyer Honors College MD/PhD Summer Exposure Program is open only to students at the Penn State Schreyer Honors College.

The Penn State College of Medicine MD/PhD Medical Scientist Training Program runs this 10-week summer exposure program for outstanding students in the Schreyer Honors College who are interested in becoming physician-scientists.

Students will spend 10 weeks working in a biomedical research laboratory at the College of Medicine under the guidance of a faculty member on the MD/PhD training faculty.

They will also shadow a physician during a once-weekly clinical exposure session.

Students will participate in all SURIP (Summer Undergraduate Research Internship Program) activities, including a research forum at the end of the summer.

Student Selection

Up to 4 students will be selected. Positions are only available for rising freshmen and sophomores.

Excellent students may be offered the opportunity to return for a second summer, between the sophomore and junior years.

This summer program is linked to the Schreyer Honors College MD/PhD Early Assurance Status (EAS) Program.

Stipend and Housing

Students in the summer program will receive a $4,000 stipend. Housing costs are the student's responsibility.

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