Students participating in the University Park curriculum of Penn State College of Medicine are pictured around the Nittany Lion Statue in the winter of the 2017-2018 academic year. The students and some faculty program members are seen standing in two to three rows around the statue.

University Park Medical (MD) Curriculum

Medical Education at University Park

Penn State College of Medicine has a tradition of excellence in education that is scientifically and clinically rigorous with a deep foundation in scholarship and humanistic care.

Building on our experience, and benefiting from the resources offered at University Park, we invite you to learn in an environment that fosters inter-professional team skills, curiosity, and a commitment to the calling of medicine.

About the Curriculum

Patient-based Experiences

Immersion with patients and health care systems from the first days of medical school, integrated with active small group discussions, will drive your professional development as you explore the basic and clinical sciences, health systems science, and the health humanities.

Individualized Mentoring

Our small class size allows for one-on-one mentoring from our core faculty as well as longitudinal learning relationships with a diverse group of health professionals in our clinical practice and community service sites. This entire program of individualized “coaching” will ensure that you are able to take full advantage your experiential learning opportunities.

Experiential Learning

We all learn best when we can connect the skills and knowledge to our own experience. The UP curriculum is designed for you to anchor and motivate your learning in the patients and health care communities that you encounter, supported by colleagues, faculty, and ready access to the rich resources of the College of Medicine and Penn State.

Community Engagement

You will collaborate with patients, community representatives, and systems sites to learn and develop community-based solutions that improve healthcare outcomes.

A Culture of Respect and Humanistic Care

Penn State College of Medicine was the first medical school in the nation to have a Department of Humanities and we remain committed to fostering the development of humanistic, curious health care professionals. The UP Curriculum has been specifically designed to support and enhance the role of the Health Humanities through patient experiences, integrated small group reflection, and faculty mentorship.

Why University Park?

The UP Curriculum track has been developed to build on the strong tradition of the Penn State College of Medicine, recognizing the unique opportunities provided by the combination of a community-based healthcare system, a diverse, research-intensive university, and a medical school faculty dedicated to creating innovative and meaningful educational programs.

The full integration of the basic and clinical sciences with health systems science and health humanities, along with community engagement and active, experiential learning strategies, form the centerpiece of the educational mission of the University Park Curriculum.


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