Clinician Educator Pathway

Clinician Educator Pathway

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Clinician Educator Pathway

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Clinician Educator Pathway at Penn State

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The Clinician Educator Pathway is the track for those students who want to obtain additional teaching and educational skills on top of their medical curriculum.

The pathway allows students to complete medical school and an education master's degree within four years.

Students have the opportunity to work with leaders in teaching and educational research and theory in health systems science. This pathway is especially beneficial for those who are considering a career in academic medicine.

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The Joint MD/MEd Program requires that the student first be admitted to the MD program at Penn State College of Medicine. Subsequently, the student has the opportunity to apply for admission to the Graduate School for the Penn State MEd program in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education. Prospective students can apply for the joint MD/MEd degree in the third year of their MD curriculum.

Students will have formal and informal teaching responsibilities throughout your career (as a resident and/or faculty member). Teaching is a critical component in patient-physician interactions; training in educational principles can facilitate communication with patients, especially within patient education. Becoming aware of teaching and learning principles enhances your own learning. 


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What is the Clinician Educator Pathway?

The Clinician Educator pathway is an option for medical students who wish obtain their MD degree and a master's degree in Adult Education ― Medical and Health Professions, in four years.

What is required for admission?

You will need to be accepted into the MD program and complete a separate application for the Graduate School at Penn State during the third year of the MD curriculum. You will also need a letter of recommendation from the associate dean of evaluation and assessment at Penn State College of Medicine. A curriculum vita and a statement of career goals that addresses how the joint degree meets those goals will also be required.

How much does it cost?

Through an agreement with Penn State Harrisburg, the MEd will cost 21 credit hours for the 30-credit master's degree if the degree is completed as scheduled. The MEd degree will be charged at the in-state rate where applicable. The MD degree will incur the standard costs for the four-year degree.

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