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Three students in Penn State College of Medicine's Biostatistics PhD program are seen in 2019. The three young men are seen leaning against a wall outside the College of Medicine. They are, from left, Daniel McGuire, Vishal Midya and Renan Sauteraud.

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How Do I Apply to the Biostatistics PhD Program?

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Penn State College of Medicine’s Biostatistics PhD Program follows the application process for The Graduate School at Penn State.

All students must submit an application through The Graduate School.

Before applying, please be sure to read The Graduate School's admission requirements.

Also, please note that several prerequisites to this program apply; details on those are available below.

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Prospective applicants must have completed:

  • A bachelor degree program at an accredited U.S. college or university, or its equivalent in another country, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • A two-semester graduate-level course in applied statistics from a recognized graduate program.
    • The comparable courses offered by the Penn State Department of Statistics are STAT 511: Regression Analysis and Modeling (3) and STAT 512: Design and Analysis of Experiments (3).
  • A two-semester graduate-level course in mathematical statistics from a recognized graduate program.

Application Instructions

A complete application through The Graduate School should include:

  • Completed application form
  • Payment of the application fee
  • Official transcripts
  • 3 letters of recommendation, uploaded through online application system by person writing the reference
  • A current resume or curriculum vitae
  • Standardized test results (if applicable; see below)
  • TOEFL or IELTS score (if applicable; for applicants whose first language is not English) - School Code 2660

Exemptions from English Proficiency Testing

International applicants are exempt from the TOEFL/IELTS requirement who have received a graduate degree from a college/university/institution in any of the following: Australia, Belize, British Caribbean and British West Indies, Canada (except Quebec), England, Ghana, Guyana, Ireland, Republic of Kenya, Liberia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, United States and Wales.

If the advanced degree will be conferred before August of the application year, TOEFL/IELTS is not required.

Testing Requirements

Interested candidates must, as part of their application, submit results from one of the following standardized tests taken within the past five years:

  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
  • Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
  • Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

This requirement is waived for applicants who have an advanced degree in a related field beyond the baccalaureate; however, candidates are highly encouraged to submit GRE scores even if not required to school code 2660.

Key Dates

Formal applications for the doctoral program for domestic or international students must be received by Jan. 15 for consideration for matriculation in August.

Admission to this program is for fall semester only.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Biostatistics PhD program, please contact Program Manager Justine Shultz at