Entering Grades

How to Enter Grades via eLion at Semester's End

The eLion grade entry system, and all other eLion services, are generally self-explanatory. Common sense applies, but here are detailed instructions for those who are new to the system.

Here are the specific instructions for entering your grades:


  1. Be sure to have your SecurID device at hand.
  2. Go to eLion: https://elion.oas.psu.edu
  3. Under "Choose a Category" in the leftmost frame, click on "Faculty."
  4. After clicking "Faculty", you will see "Penn State User Authentication" screen. Enter your PSU User ID in the "Access Account UserID" field and your password in the "Access Account Password" field. This is the same account you use for ANGEL (NOT your Penn State Hershey ePASS account and password).
  5. After pressing "OK" you will see the main faculty screen. It contains a menu frame at the far left called "Faculty." Of the several links below the word Faculty, select "Grade Entry" by clicking on it.
  6. You will see an authentication screen. In "Access Account Password" re-enter the same password that you used in step 4. In the "SecurID #" form field, enter the number currently showing in the window of your SecurID device.
    NOTE: The SecurID number changes every 60 seconds.  At the far left of SecurID device window is a small stack of hyphen-like bars. If only one bar is showing at the moment you go to enter your number wait a few seconds until the device resets with a new number. Otherwise, the number may expire before the eLion system can authenticate you. If that happens, you will simply be prompted to re-enter a new SecurID number.
  7. You will then see a screen giving you a choice of courses, the core of which will look much like this:



     Course  Section  Grading Status  Expected Grades  Students with Grades  Last Activity Date
     HY  IBIOS 591  001  Not Ready  0  0  
     HY  PHS 515  001  Not Ready  0  0  
     HY  BMS 501  001  Ready  0  0



    If you have accessed the system too soon in the semester, the courses will show a grading status of "Not ready" and you will not be able to proceed. For courses where the status is "Ready," select that course by clicking the radio button, and press continue.
  8. Choose the appropriate grade for each student in and submit the grades by pressing the appropriate button.
    NOTE: If you use the gradebook function in ANGEL, you can import your grades directly by checking the box labeled "Retrieve grades from ANGEL Gradebook"
  9. You need not fill in every grade at one sitting. Throughout the grading period, you can re-access any sheet of grades repeatedly to add the grades of any stragglers. However, once the grading deadline has passed, you will not be able to re-access the system to change grades. At that point, you will need to use a paper grade change form.