Joint Degree and Dual Title Degree Programs

Penn State College of Medicine offers joint degree, concurrent degree,and dual-title degree programs for exceptional students interested in developing a combined expertise in different disciplines.

MBA / PhD in Biomedical Sciences

The concurrent degree program leading to a PhD and MBA in Biomedical Sciences offers highly motivated students the opportunity to earn these degrees simultaneously. This concurrent degree program requires successful admission to the PhD Program and passing of the comprehensive examination (typically in the 2nd year) prior to acceptance into the MBA program.

Students wishing to pursue the MBA/PhD path must apply for admission into the School of Business Administration at Penn State, Harrisburg; note that the GMAT exam requirement is waived. 

Once accepted to the concurrent degree program, a Graduate Faculty member of the School of Business Administration must be a member of the candidate's Thesis Committee. The School of Business Administration determines additional requirements for the MBA degree.  Currently up to nine of these credits can be satisfied by the core requirements of the BMS PhD Program. Requirements for the MBA component are typically completed by taking evening classes at the Harrisburg campus of Penn State University. 

For more information, please contact Kristin Smith.


The joint MD/PhD degree program at Penn State is designed to prepare students for careers as physician scientists. It is typically an eight-year program, with two years of medical school followed by four years of graduate training/thesis research and returning to medical school for an additional two years of clinical training. Students graduate with MD and PhD degrees. Students apply through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) as MD/PhD applicants.