Welcome to Penn State Hershey Continuing Education

The Department of Continuing Education provides a variety of programs for physicians, nurses, and allied health personnel within the central Pennsylvania region, nationally and, at times, internationally.

The Department of Continuing Education is committed to a broad view of education that begins with the self-directed learner on a continuum of learning throughout his or her career. Learning can occur in a number of settings, from independent study, interactive discussion, and conferences, through a number of modalities including written text, audio, video, computer, and distance technologies. We offer a variety of education opportunities targeted to meet the needs of the learner in a continuously changing environment.

As medicine is facing major changes, so too is education. The future direction of our Department will involve increasing collaborative efforts with other academic institutions, hospitals, and organizations; pioneering innovative educational techniques to impact health outcomes; harnessing opportunities presented by technological innovations such as telemedicine and distance education to expand the scope and impact of education programs, and partnering with the community to improve the health education and thus the health and well-being of our patients.