Dr. Yongsoo Kim, an associate professor in the Department of Neural & Behavioral Sciences at Penn State College of Medicine, is pictured in his lab in July 2016, framed by laboratory equipment and looking away from a screen depicting two images of a section of the brain.

Neuroscience PhD

Neuroscience PhD Tuition

The Neuroscience PhD program's baseline cost uses the standard Penn State University graduate student tuition; however, the program offsets the cost and provides a stipend.

See details on graduate school tuition.

For August 2016 through May 2017, the stipend for half-time graduate assistants in the program is $22,140; for Summer 2017 (June and July 2017), stipend for graduate lecturers/researchers will be $4,842.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the costs of the Neuroscience PhD program, please contact Kathy Shuey, Program Coordinator, at 717-531-8982 or kes6@psu.edu.