A conceptual illustration of the coronavirus as if it were observed from a microscope is seen.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Event information

Penn State Health and College of Medicine have specific guidance in place on meetings and training sessions.

The same information is available on two different platforms in order to provide access to College of Medicine employees at all locations.

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Upcoming faculty, staff and student town halls

All Penn State College of Medicine employees and learners are invited to any upcoming COVID-19 town hall meetings. At these sessions, senior leaders and subject-matter experts in key operational areas will discuss what's happening to address COVID-19.

All town halls are available online only. College of Medicine faculty, staff and students are encouraged to submit questions in advance to be discussed at a future town hall.

Submit a College of Medicine town hall question

Upcoming town halls are listed here. Click each date to add it to a calendar and get Zoom information.

Past town halls

All town halls are being recorded and are generally available to view the day following the event.

COVID-19 academic lectures

A number of colleges and campuses across the University are holding academic lectures related to COVID-19.

Those events open to all University faculty, staff and students will be added to the College of Medicine's calendar when information is available.

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Penn State Project ECHO sessions for providers

Penn State Project ECHO has launched a COVID-19 ECHO webinar series to inform health care providers and administration of the latest best practices in emergency preparedness and patient treatment for COVID-19.

The goal of this series is to equip health care providers and administrators, especially those at skilled nursing facilities, with strategies to address challenges presented as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Together, experts and providers will collaborate to discuss patient and clinic/hospital system cases and develop recommendations for care and/or improvement.

See COVID-19 ECHO details
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