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Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Information for educators and students

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This page is designed to provide the most current information of use to students and educators at the College of Medicine as leadership evaluates what personal protective equipment and training is needed for students and determining when it will be safe to resume clinical learning and classroom/small group training.


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Info for educators

Guide to remote teaching

Penn State's Remote Teaching website has a number of resources to help faculty offer courses remotely when teaching on campus is not an option.

See the Remote Teaching website

Accessibility resources for remote courses

All online materials, including online learning, must follow University policies regarding accessibility for people with disabilities and differences. A number of resources are available for instructors who are offering online courses.

In addition, the College of Medicine Accessibility Web Liaisons are available to answer specific accessibility questions and provide links to resources for particular needs. Email with questions.

See University accessibility resources
Email the College of Medicine Accessibility Web Liaisons