Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting

Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting

Flow cytometry is a means of identifying and measuring certain physical and chemical characteristics of cells or particles as they travel in suspension one by one past a sensing point. The flow cytometer is able to "look" at thousands of cells or particles per second and perform and record many simultaneous measurements for each cell or particle.

About the Flow Cytometry Core

The mission of the Flow Cytometry Core at Penn State College of Medicine is to facilitate cutting-edge research by providing this state-of-the-art fluorescence-activated cell sorting and analytical services at reasonable hourly rates. To achieve these goals, the facility provides three full-time staff and a faculty director to help investigators with all aspects of data collection including experiment design.


The following flow cytometers are available for use by investigators in the Penn State Cancer Institute and Penn State College of Medicine:

  • 4-color BD FACSCalibur
  • 10-color BD FACSCanto
  • 10-color Amnis ImageStream X Mk II imaging cytometer
  • 16-color BD LSR Fortessa
  • 17-color BD FACS Aria SORP high-performance cell sorter
  • 17-color BD FACSSymphony
  • 23-color BD FACSSymphony

Contact Us

For details on the Flow Cytometry Core, email Nate Sheaffer, Director, at nas2@psu.edu or call 717-531-6908.