Points of Contact

Annie Akerley
Educational Program Assistant, Clinical
Phone: 717-531-0003 (285929)

Cheryl Attinger
Financial Coordinator
Phone: 717-531-7685

Rick Bair
Senior Data Manager
Phone: 717-531-7210

Stacey Carmo
Standardized Patient Program Coordinator
Phone: 717-531-6304

Catherine Caruso
Academic Placements Officer
Phone: 717-531-0003 (285458)

Thao Danz
Constituent Programming and Events Officer
Phone: 717-531-3877

Tomi Dreibelbis
Senior Director, Educational Affairs
Phone: 717-531-4304

Kathy Engel
Part-time staff
Phone: 717-531-0003 (289203)

Diane Gill
Campus Registrar
Phone: 717-531-4101

Susan Hall
Curriculum Operations Manager, Pre-Clinical
Phone: 717-531-4304

Elizabeth Hamen
Educational Program Assistant, Pre-Clinical
Phone: 717-531-8563

Brian Herman
Curriculum Operations Manager, Clinical
Phone: 717-531-0003 (285134)

Bob Kennedy
Senior Instructional Designer
Phone: 717-531-7546

Tina Lengle
Part-time Staff Assistant
Phone: 717-531-0003 (285333)

Laura Martin
Administrative Support Coordinator III
Phone: 717-531-0003 (289262)

Mandy McCaffery
New Innovations Administrator
Phone: 717-531-4408

Eileen Moser
Associate Dean for Clinical Education
Phone: 717-531-0003 (285929)

Lindy Plevelich
Assistant Campus Registrar
Phone: 717-531-7172

Tanya Rebraca
Assistant to the Vice Dean for Educational Affairs
Phone: 717-531-3876

Denise Rill
Curriculum Operations Manager, UP Regional Campus

Sally Rupp
Administrative Support Assistant
Phone: 717-531-4303

Renee Seibel
Part-time Front Desk, Registrar's Office
Phone: 717-531-4105

John Wert
Research Data Management Specialist II
Phone: 717-531-8450

Carol Whitfield
Associate Dean for Pre-Clinical Education
Phone: 717-531-8570

Terry Wolpaw
Vice Dean for Educational Affairs
Phone: 717-531-3876