Peptide Synthesis

After submitting a Peptide order (see further info and links below), you should see a confirmation screen and then within a few minutes you should receive an autoconfimation email for your order. Within one working day (M-F) you should also receive a second email from the facility confirming receipt of your order.

If you do not get the second email confirming your order within one working day (M-F), be sure to check directly with the lab (Anne Stanley or Suja Maddukuri x6087) to avoid delays completing your order.

Our newest instrument for peptide synthesis is our Tribute Peptide Synthesizer from Protein Technology (Summer, 2010). A Milligen 9050 Fmoc peptide synthesizer has been our workhorse for peptide synthesis, and we have also used a second synthesizer (Perseptive 9050 Plus) through a generous donation from the du Pont Nemours Company in Wilmington, DE.  A standard synthesis on any of these machines delivers between 50-80 mg of peptide, at a cost of $20 per residue (0.1 mmol scale), or $30 per residue (0.2 mmol scale). Custom syntheses are also possible (e.g., phosphopeptides, biotinylated peptides), with the additional cost being determined by the reagents used.



  • Charges: Full-scale synthesis (~ 0.2 mmol yield) or half-scale synthesis (~ 0.1 mmol yield) is available, with fees which cover the cost of the reagents. Your peptide will be prepared as a lyophilized powder cleaved from the resin in the presence of appropriate side group preservatives, extensively washed and extracted following cleavage with various solvents to remove the majority of the impurities (preservatives and byproducts of the cleavage procedure. For an extra charge, molecular weight verification and synthesis purity is available using mass spectrometry. For pricing on any peptides, including non-standard amino acids (phosphopeptides, amino acid analogs, etc.) or other specialized preparation procedures which may be necessary for your particular research purpose, please contact Anne Stanley at (717) 531-6087 or by email at
  • ** ID/Number: This should be a unique alphanumeric label (no more than eight characters long) beginning with your initials or name and ending with letters or numbers which enable you to identify your peptide (e.g., CJL_TOR2). If left blank, we will assign this code.
  • *** Sequence: Write the requested sequence using traditional three letter or one letter codes. If you need a peptide that is "blocked" with an amide on the carboxyl terminus, end your sequence with an "-NH2". Indicate custom amino acids (such as D-amino acids or xenobiotics) with an abbreviation (e.g. X, Abu, XX1, d-Ala). Include information on custom amino acids desired in the "Additional comments..." box as well.



To place an order either download the Peptide Order Form (PDF), or complete the on-line form here (Sorry, June 15 2012 ONLINE FORM NOT WORKING, use PDF above - it is a central IT problem that they are working on... Please fax the completed form to 717-531-0239). The on-line form can be used to directly submit up to eight Peptide synthesis orders to the PSU College of Medicine Macromolecular Core Facility. To order more than eight peptides, please fill out and submit this form again.

***For orders for more than eight peptides, do NOT use the "Return to the Form" button at the bottom of the Form Confirmation Page you will see after submitting the order form below; instead, please use your WEB Browser's "Back" arrow to return to the order form below for additional peptide orders.***