Gel Imaging and Analysis

Gel Imaging and Analysis

Gel/Film Densitometry Analysis (1D and 2D)

For quantitation of exposed film (radioactive or chemiluminescent detection), a BioRad GS800 Calibrated Densitometer is available to digitize film images. The densitometric image obtained can then be analyzed using Quantity One software to analyze 1D gels or slot/dot blot images, or PDQuest software to analyze two-dimensional gel images. The rate for Densitometry is $5/hr, and the instrument is available to trained users on a sign-up basis.

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DIGE Gel Analysis (2D)

For quantitation of differences in protein amount between different samples, equal amounts of each sample can be labeled with different fluors, usually a combination of Cy2, Cy3, and Cy5, then mixed together before 2D gel separation. Fluorescent imaging and quantitation of the resulting 2D gels can be done with our Typhoon Imager, and spot-cut lists can be exported for automated gel spot excision using our Ettan Spot Picker.

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