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The Bioinformatics Core provides investigators with expertise in computational methods to manage and manipulate large quantities of data. The Bioinformatics core will assist investigators and their research staff in determining which tools are best for a task, how to use those tools and how to use the tools without assistance. The goals of the Bioinformatics core are to help investigators and their staff to understand and independently make good use of the tools available to them, and to develop novel algorithms when appropriate to solve specific research problems. Here are some examples of how the bioinformatics core has assisted scientists in the past:

  • Searching for human retrovirus
  • Mapping data into the haplotype map database
  • Identifying novel SNPs
  • A machine learning method of identifying biomarkers from a small dataset

Additionally, the Bioinformatics Core staff have helped less advanced users with BLAST searches and the use of general purpose tools. The Bioinformatics Core is here to help all levels of users.

Services may be requested by sending an email to Please allow one business day for an initial response. Please provide as much notice as possible if you need assistance writing a custom section for a grant proposal.

A fee schedule is currently being developed for the Bioinformatics Core.  Currently, there is no charge for initial consultations.  Any changes in the fee schedule will be published here and will be disclosed to the requestor prior to services being provided.